Year of St. Joseph

On December 8, 2020, Pope Francis declared a special Year of St. Joseph to run through December 8, 2021. This marks the 150th anniversary of the declaration of St. Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX. Pope Francis began the year with a new Apostolic Letter entitled Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart). The Holy Father reflected that Covid-19 “has helped us see more clearly the importance of ordinary people who, though far from the limelight exercise patience and offer hope every day.” St. Joseph is the epitome of the quiet, ordinary person moving behind the scenes – and yet he shapes all of human history with his quiet guidance, protection, holiness, and acceptance of God’s will.

Below are some resources that will allow you to grow in your knowledge, love, and devotion to St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer and Patron of the Catholic Church.


The Popes "Partis Corde" Apostolic Letter declaring The Year of St Joseph

Video on the life of St. Joseph

The Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe is said to have been visited by St. Joseph. Learn more about the miraculous staircase here

Discover what we know about St. Joseph in Scripture here

Ever wonder How Devotion to St. Joseph has Changed over the centuries? Find out here.

Review A Collection of Prayers to St. Joseph (including the Litany of St. Joseph) here.

Pray the Rosary of St. Joseph with Dr. Scott Hahn (video) here

There will be more resources and things for you to do as the Year of St Joseph goes on.  An exciting year ahead. .

Below are some things we have planned:

St. Joseph Prayer Booklets in both English and Spanish

Miraculous Medals

Prayer Cards in both English and Spanish

Pilgrimage to St. Joseph's Church

Evening of Prayer on the Feast of St. Joseph March 19th

Pray a St. Joseph's prayer at weekend Masses.

Create a prayer space in back of the church in front of our St. Joseph statue

9 day On Line St. Joseph Novena starting March 10 - 19.

Have monthly posters as you enter church with info about St. Joseph.

Place banners through out the parish celebrating the Year of St. Joseph.

And so much more . . 

Watch the bulletin for more info.

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